Directly connected to the industry

We have filled our Advisory Board with strong representatives from the business world who have a direct connection to the construction industry. We get together a number of times a year and also have a live digital forum where we check developments going forward and ensure that we are on the right track to always be relevant to our exhibitors and visitors. We are extremely proud of our representatives!

Shakrin Ahmed

Project manager
Shakrin Ahmed works at AFRY, Business area community building in Gothenburg. She works both with BIM and as a project manager in infrastructure projects.

Shakrin has previously also worked as a construction and project manager on the real estate side and in production as a supervisor at Peab. In addition to this, Shakrin has an interest in the digital development with BIM in the industry and she is constantly working to contribute to a more digitized construction industry. Shakrin is also passionate about equality issues in the construction industry, as during her first years as a young woman she received a lot of setbacks and criticism where her knowledge was questioned on the construction site.

She has also won the award “The most inspiring trip of the year” for her commitment and interest in areas such as digitization and gender equality. She has been part of a great personal journey that has left no one untouched.

Cecilia webb

Cecilia Almér

Senior Project Manager Sustainability
Stratsys AB
As a sustainability expert, she works with simplifying, streamlining and structuring sustainability work for companies and organizations primarily through digitalisation.

Cecilia has extensive experience in sustainability issues with a focus on the environment, work environment and social responsibility. She has worked in the field since 2006, of which 10 years as a consultant. She has a broad knowledge of supporting organizations primarily within the construction industry and the production and process industry in issues related to strategy, risk management, business management, project management, legal compliance and training.

Cecilia has a great interest in combining sustainability work with business development and innovation in order to create opportunities for modern business development.

Mikael Karlsson utan bakgrund

Mikael Karlsson

Mikael started as a vocational teacher at Bräckegymnasiet in 2000 and since 2008 has worked as principal with responsibility for adult education and validation.

Since 40 years ago, Mikael has a background as a construction woodworker, team leader, supervisor and also self-employed. Over the years, he has also trained as a construction engineer, real estate agent and finally as a vocational teacher. Mikael is not only passionate about educational issues, but also about validation, a tool that helps participants without official documents to a professional certificate in various careers in the construction sector.

Mikael sits as the school’s representative in meetings at BYN region Väst and sits on the working committee for the GR Competence Council, where they work with strategic competence provision.

Fredrik Ålund

Fredrik Ålund

Sales & Marketing Manager
Atlas Copco Power Technique
Fredrik was previously active in the energy industry as a sales manager, business developer and project manager at companies such as ABB and Alstom.

Atlas Copco has long been established as a supplier of machines to the building & construction industry.

For five years, he has been stationed in India and China as site manager for several major construction projects. But is now Sales & Marketing Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique with responsibility for Scandinavia.

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Eva- Lena Albihn

Vice President & Head of Sustainability
Business Region Gothenburg AB
Eva-Lena has been employed at BRG since 2004. BRG is Gothenburg’s business office and they work in 13 municipalities in the Gothenburg region.

Eva-Lena is passionate about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and she is chairman of Drivhuset, vice chairman of Coompanion and Framtidsfrön.

BRG has operationalized Agenda 2030 throughout the business in their offerings to companies and inspires, challenges, is a forerunner, role model and they provide advice and competence in all three dimensions – economic, social and environmental. All so that companies can change from linear to circular business models.

They want businesses to start, businesses to grow sustainably and businesses to move to the region to create more jobs.

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Daniel Paterson

Business area manager
RO Group
Daniel is responsible for RO-Gruppen’s operations at their
home market – Södra Älvsborg – where houses are built large and small.

Daniel has since his education as a road and water engineer at Chalmers worked in production on the in-house side, starting at Peab in Gothenburg and in 2009 joining RO-Gruppen where he has been since then. Daniel is passionate about giving people the opportunity to thrive and develop. Development is also what characterizes Daniel’s journey together with RO-Gruppen ever since the start in 2009.

Christoffer Muhl pollari

Business developer in recycling
Stone Steel
Christoffer Muhl Pollari works at Stena Stål as a business developer
within recycling.

He has been at Stena Stål since 2019 and then worked with quality development, but has now in 2022 been given the opportunity to run and develop recycling processes at Stena Stål. Before Christoffer joined Stena Stål, he was for a few years in the car industry and worked with production development, both in the subcontractor stage at IAC and in new car projects for Volvo Cars and CEVT. As a basis for this, Christoffer has a master’s degree in engineering at Luleå University of Technology in Technical Design – Production Design.

The common thread throughout Christoffer’s career is to identify and streamline flows and based on his experience, this is best done through a mixture of teamwork, creativity and structure.

Petra Sedelius

Responsible economic policy region west
The construction companies
Petra has long and solid knowledge from construction and
the construction industry.

Issues such as competence development and healthy competition are high on the agenda. Byggföretagen is an industry and employer organization that brings together construction, civil engineering and specialist companies that want to build Sweden sustainably. Our members come in all sizes and operate all over the country.

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Peter Åhs

Marketing and Business Developer – Marketing
Construction facts
Peter Åhs works with market & business development at Byggfakta Sweden.

His role today also includes various forms of collaboration with actors in the industry, such as trade fairs and trade associations. In his previous roles as marketing manager at both Sverige Bygger and Byggfakta, he has experience in planning and implementing attendance at trade fairs in the construction industry since 1998. when he worked at Nordbygg the first time.

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